What I’m Most Thankful For

In a few days it will be Thanksgiving and at my house preparations are underway.

This is the time of year that most of us stop to  consider the blessings we’ve received but maybe don’t acknowledge as frequently as we should.  When my grandson Christopher was in 1st grade, his teacher gave the class an assignment to write down the one thing they were most thankful for. Then she put all their papers on the wall for display. Some of the kids said their parents, some said their pets and some even said brothers or sisters. Here’s what Christopher said.

I’m most thankful for Jesus who died for our sins and rose from the dead in April.”

Ok, let me explain. The previous spring Easter had been in April.  But out of the mouths of babes. Should not we all be most thankful for Jesus Christ, Who became sin so that we might become righteous, Who became poor so that we might become rich, and by Whose stripes we are healed.

Thank You, Heavenly Father for your most precious gift, the death, burial and resurrection of Your Son Jesus, the Christ, Your Anointed One. Thank You Heavenly Father that because I’ve put my trust in You, I now have life everlasting. Amen


One thought on “What I’m Most Thankful For

  1. Amen! Adults give thanks for their family, wealth and health their possessions. But first we like the one Smaritan leper that was healed on his way to the priest and returned to give thanks to Jesus we must always give thanks to Jesus who “while we still sinners gave his life on the cross.”


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