What is humility?

When I was in school, I had a friend who was very popular. He was extremely good looking, athletic and very smart. All the girls wanted to date him and all the guys wanted to be him. And yes, he loved the Lord. He was in church every Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday night. He was a leader in both school and church.
Too many people with all that going for them tend to be arrogant and snobbish, even some Christians. But not my friend. He was a genuinely nice person who treated everyone with respect. He would seek out people no one else paid any attention to and eat lunch with them. He always had time to help anyone needing help but never boasted about what he had done. He never bragged about his good grades or successes on the athletic field. Any honors given to him, he graciously accepted always giving credit to others for helping him. He exemplified humility.
We all probably know or have known someone whose life demonstrated humility. But have you ever considered the humility of God?  Philippians 2:8 tells is that Jesus, although he was God, he humbled himself and became obedient to death, even death on the cross. I’ve read and heard that many times, but the reality of God being humble never really sunk into my consciousness.
“Who is like the Lord our God, Who has his seat on high
“Who humbles Himself to regard the heavens and the earth.”
(Psalm 113:5,6 The Amplified  Bible)
God humbles Himself. He is God – He does not have to pay any attention to man or the affairs of man. He is far above all. Yet he chooses to reach out to man.  Just as a parent kneels down to pick up their child, the Creator of heaven and earth kneels down to us so that we may reach up to Him.
“For though the Lord is high, yet has He respect to the lowly [bringing them into fellowship with Him].” (Psalm 138:6a The Amplified Bible)
God is God. He never changes. There is no weakness in Him, there is no deficiency in His nature. He could withhold Himself from us because we are so unworthy, yet He has respect for us and brings us into fellowship with Him.
“To Him Who [earnestly] remembers us in our low estate and imprinted us [on his heart], for His mercy and loving-kindness endure for ever;
“O give thanks to the God of Heaven, for His mercy and loving-kindness endure for ever!”
(Psalm 136:23, 26 The Amplified Bible)

Peace and blessings