Chaos to Calm

We’ve been doing some remodeling in our house the past few weeks. We moved out a wall enlarging our family room, added some built-in bookshelves, repainted the walls and ceiling, and today will get new carpet installed. Meanwhile, all the family room furniture, including my husband’s big-screen TV, is in the living room, the hallways, and office. There are stacks of books and board games everywhere there is available space to stack. Not to mention that all the dust generated from the construction covers every surface in the house. To say my house is in chaos at this moment, is a fairly accurate statement. But once the job is finished, the furniture moved back in and everything is back in place, it will be beautiful. The room will be larger and more comfortable for family and guests when they visit. It will be more comfortable for my husband and me to sit and watch “Dancing with the Stars” together. We’ve had to endure the chaos to get to the improvement.
I don’t like my house not being in order. I don’t deal well with clutter and I’m ready to get it organized. I’m tired of cleaning only to have a new layer of dust re-cover everything I just cleaned. I’m ready for everything to be complete and for the enjoyment of a new room.
Sometimes God takes us through a re-construction phase.  Sometimes we need to have some things moved around or moved out in order to make way for the new.  Old habits need to be broken and replaced with new ones. Maybe instead of watching the morning news on television, we need to spend that time in the good news of God’s Word. Maybe we need to replace that bedtime snack of ice cream and a soda with a piece of cheese and some fruit, or some of us should just give up that late snack entirely.
Maybe a job has become too comfortable and we’re looking to it for our provision, but God has something else He desires for us. When I left my job last October, I left a job I enjoyed with people I liked and enjoyed working with. But it was taking all my time and God called me to be a writer. I’ve known that for many years, but I kept finding other things I “needed” to do first. God made it very clear to me that it was time to leave my old job and to obey His call. It’s not been easy giving up a paying job in a climate where jobs are disappearing daily. But God is faithful and He is taking care of us. The blessings I have in being obedient are greater than any other reward on earth.
The chaos of hurts, disappointments, and hard times come into all of our lives. Jesus said that as long as we are in this world these things will happen, but He also promised to get us through them all.
“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33, NIV)
Yes, He will take us from the chaos in our lives and to a place of calm, but we have to trust Him and keep moving through.
Peace and blessings.