Stand up and be Counted

“On Nov. 20, 2009 a group of prominent Christian clergy, ministry leaders and scholars released the Manhattan Declaration, which addresses the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and religious liberty.” From the Manhattan Declaration website.

I don’t normally use this to promote causes or groups, but I just learned of this movement and I feel it is something overdue and want to share about it. Look at their web site and if you agree, sign the petition.
But more important than just signing the petition, follow some of their suggestions, and pray. This nation is in serious trouble and unless God intervene, we will go the way of other societies who were self-indulgent and godless.
Much of the blame can be layed at the feet of Christians who silently go along with a society who makes heroes of sports figures and actors. Then when their adultery comes to light just shrug and say “well they’re only human”.
We’ve accepted being told we couldn’t have public prayer in our schools and our children not being allowed to carry their Bibles to class. We’ve continued to buy products that advertise on immoral and ungodly television programs and magazines. It’s time we take responsibility and stop shoving the blame. It’s time for us to stand up and say what we believe. More importantly it’s time for us to ACT on what we say we believe.

“Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”James 4:17

God will hold us accountable. Christians must get back to being the leaders of our society, not the followers.

Peace and Blessing in our Lord Jesus Christ,