About Dee 2 Rites

Who is Dee 2 Rites?

My name is Dorinda and I am a Christian writer who lives in Plano, Texas.

I became a Christian when I was eight years old. I confessed with my mouth and believed in my heart that Jesus the Christ was the Son of God, crucified for my sins, and raised on the third day from the dead. I knew that moment that if I died right then, I would go to heaven to live with him forever. His Spirit has never left me, even times when I rebelled and was disobedient. But the second I repented and turned back to Him, He always forgave me and took me back into his loving arms.

I married right out of high school and last summer we celebrated our 42nd anniversary.  We raised 2 children, one son and one daughter, and now we have 2 grandsons and one granddaughter who are sources of great joy. Our life together, the trials we’ve faced and times we’ve come through (good, bad, funny and sad) are the sources of much of my writing.

My desire is to share the love of Jesus with others, especially women because I understand the hurts that only a woman can experience.  I know that many men are hurting too, but others are called to minister to them. I’m called to minister to women. I’ve been in ladies Bible studies and led small groups. I love the written Word of God, it is the source of life and joy for me. I hope to encourage others to love it too.

I pray my blog will encourage and uplift. And if I can help even one person to come to know my Jesus, it will have reached my goal.

Peace and blessings.



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